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Bobby Emmons wins Season 4 kickoff

A big congrats to Bobby Emmons (8) for winning our Season 4 kickoff this weekend! He battled through a field of 143, taking down names like Beau Runningen, Dave Hemmah, Johnny Kang, Vilmos Földes, and Oscar Dominguez in the hill-hill finals!

Also a big congrats to Justin Marks for winning the 44 player Second Chance 9-Ball Tournament! He got through a tough field after going 2 and out in the main event. Way to keep your head in the game and come back stronger Justin! He has also earned the title of Player of the Month for January 2018.

We would like to thank everyone who came out to play, support, and watch this weekend. We especially want to thank Clyde Nooris and his amazing staff at On Cue Billiards for their service during the long weekend hours of the event! Additionally we would like to thank Mezz Cues & West State Billiards for making this tour possible, and our many sponsors Zan-Tip, Turtle Rack, On The Wire Creative Media for the live stream coverage, Fast & Loose Designs, Iwan Simonis Billiards for sponsoring the Second Chance Tournament, QKS Cases, Jam Up Apparel, Aramith - Billiard Balls, John Barton JB Cases, Tony Rodriguez Re/Max, Eddie Cohen, CSI - CueSports International, and James Hanshew.

We would like to apologize for some of the hiccups in live streaming - we are working on getting the issues resolved for Stop #2 at Hard Times Sacramento, along with our live scoring and brackets. We are continually working hard to make this a bigger and better tour. Stay tuned for more updates on tour stops!

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